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Jah Pickney is a popular award winning Dancehall Reggae artist and “musicianary” (missionary through music) from Canada. Born Tim Linnard, Jah Pickney, which means “God’s child” in Jamaican patois, showed a definite preference for reggae music from a very early age. His love for reggae led him to study Jamaican culture and he began writing his own original reggae/dancehall songs at age 11 with a goal of using it as a means to spread the gospel around the world.  


Jah Pickney has performed and recorded with many of the world’s top Reggae artists and has performed at Reggae Sumfest, the World’s largest reggae festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica among many other places around the world. He has been proclaimed an authentic Dancehall Reggae artist being said to “bust tunes just like a true Jamaican.”


In 2009 Tim was married to Marie-Eve, his backup singer/dancer. Since then Jah Pickney has included his beautiful bride in his music and live performances to a greater degree including a number of duet tracks including the hit single "Teach Me to Pray." This combination of female singer and male deejay has been well received and adds a wonderful dimension to Jah Pickney's music.  

Tim produces all of his own music in his studio, Bashment Sound Recording Studios, in Belleville Ontario.  In addition to his own music, Tim officially joined the Christian Reggae group Christafari in 2021 as a songwriter, producer and studio musician for the very popular California-based band.  Christafari is a team of missionaries that use Reggae music to preach the gospel all around the world with free concerts wherever they go.

According to Jah Pickney, "Reggae music is one of the most influential means of communicating to the masses in Jamaica and around the world, as this genre of music is becoming more popular." Jah Pickney wants to communicate true faith, morality and the gospel through a genre that has been largely used by many artists to convey messages of cults, drugs, sex and violence.

As Musicianaries, or musical missionaries, Jah Pickney and Christafari have one primary goal; to reach as many different people and nations as possible with the undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are committed to sharing this great news through their lives, humanitarian efforts, music and at each of their outreach events with a clear call to salvation.

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