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Please note that Jah Pickney’s lyrics are written and sung in Jamaican Patois, a dialect of English native to Jamaica.  These written lyrics are an attempt to balance the understand-ability for the reader who may not be familiar with patois while still maintaining the lyrics as they actually are in the songs. 

New Song Cover Art (2).png
Day of The Lord Cover.jpeg
Apocalypsis cover.jpg
Brand New single Cover.jpg
Under God cover.jpg
Emmanuel EP Cover.jpg
SuperSpreader Cover.jpg
Teach Me To Pray Album Cover 2 copy.jpg
Dub System Cover Art copy.jpg
Sound System Catapult album cover.jpg
Summer Song Album Cover.jpg
Jah Pickney Regenerated Cover.jpg
The Crown album cover.png
Symbols of Christmas.jpg
Ghetto Redemption.jpg
From the Heart Cover.jpg
Jah Love Cover.jpg
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